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Growth Groups

It is a weekly gathering for study, prayer and encouragement. You will meet people with real struggles but finding hope in God. It's a place where everyone matters and everyone is needed.

The purpose of growth groups is to live out our mission of loving God, growth, service and witness in tangible ways through:

* sharing and praying with others about the challenges we encounter daily in our lives

* studying and discussing the Bible together

* planning activities to serve and bless those around us in our community

Through growth groups, you will develop a significant, Christ-centered relationship. Growth Groups meet once a week for 6 consecutive weeks and resumes July 1st.

Men’s Fellowship

Our men love to worship and study the Word. Join them as they discuss relevant issues. Enjoy their company over a cup of coffee or a meal. They meet once a month in a home or at the restaurant.

Women’s Fellowship

Our fun loving women meet once a month for encouragement, accountability and prayer. We discuss women issues based on what the Bible teaches. We desire to become relevant in the community through service. We express our creativity through crafts, cooking, music and dancing.